What it is

An intense, 6-session, mastermind programme that takes place over 8 months, in which you build concrete, actionable plans for entering 2 new markets.

By the end of session 1 you’ll know what return to expect on your investment.   By the end of session 5 you’ll have your plans in place.   By the end of the programme you’ll be confident in your ability to implement those plans.

Make no mistake, this will be hard work, and you’ll be doing most of the hard work yourself.

We’ll make you think hard and commit to concrete actions.   You’ll be working on your plans at each session and in between sessions too.

But you won’t be alone.

You’ll work in a cohort of up to 10 business owners like yourself, learning from them and helping them in return.   And you’ll be supported throughout by experienced, practical business people who’ve created this productive and proactive programme of half-day sessions to fit around everything you already do and still deliver the momentum you need to move forwards.